Looking for pet boarding in Long Island?  All Pets Animal Hospital is a great choice for boarding your dog or cat.  We provide a safe and relaxing environment.  Our loving staff will make sure that your furry friend feels at home with us. Dogs and cats also get anxious, just as we do.  We understand and will ensure their experience will be as stress-free as possible.

Our dogs get walked 4 times a day! As for extra TLC, we give treats and scratches on the nose and can sniff hands as staff walk up and down the aisles. A dog looks overwhelmed or anxious or just wants to say hello, a quick scratch, treat or tickle makes a big difference.  We are committed to their happiness.


If you are searching for dog boarding on Long Island…search no more. Please remember, our boarding and bathing isn’t just for dogs! We have facilities for all animals! For More Information, shoot us a quick EMAIL.

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