pet-grooming-2Quality Dog Grooming Long Island Services for Small Breeds

All Pets offers some of the best dog grooming Long Island has to offer. All Pets Animal Hospital not only provides you the medical and healthcare your pet needs but also grooming essentials. Give us a call and learn more about our services and products.

We all love our pets and want them to stay their healthiest and this is why our team at All Pets Animal Hospital understands the need to have these tailor made services. We treat all your pets as if they were our own and pet owners are welcomed as family.

Why are dog grooming Long Island services so important?

It’s important to groom your dogs not only for cleanliness reasons but there are also other aspects at play. It may for instance help identify certain abnormalities on the skin like parasitic ticks and fleas as well as skin problems like dry patches.

Grooming can also help check dental abnormalities or the state of their overall dental care, nails, eyes and inflammation where possible. Brushing their hair will help get rid of dandruff and loose hairs during shedding. 

We go the extra mile for your furry friend with our dog grooming Long Island services

We offer free nail clipping services at our offices in Long Island because we know the importance of keeping not only your pet happy but also you… our valued customers and pet owners.

Long nails can also pose a safety hazard to your pet if they get snagged on large objects or the ground. Taking the risk of clipping their nails on your own can be dangerous because one unsuspected move from them could cause the clippers to slip and injure them.

Our trained staff has many years of experience and are able to perform the correct measures to ensure your dog’s safety and neatly clipped nails.

We don’t aim to sell fancy grooming products to our customers, but rather offer efficient grooming services that will benefit you and your pet’s well-being.

The truth is this, we are very cost effective and being health professionals we have your dog’s health in our best interest.

If you reside in the Long Island region and are asking yourself “where would I find excellent pet grooming near me?” then look no further than the trusted, professional services of the team at All Pets Animal Hospital.

Our comprehensive pet services include grooming, hospital stays, boarding, spay and neutering, wellness care and house calls for vaccinations, general health visits and euthanizations.

It’s also vital to note that grooming should begin from a young age in order to condition your dog to the fact that this process is part of their lives. It will make it more acceptable for them to endure nail clipping and ear cleaning, not to mention hair brushing at home.

For excellent service and professional advice that you can trust, contact us at All Pets Animal Hospital today and let us assist you with all your enquiries and dog grooming Long Island needs. We offer excellent market competitive prices without compromising on the high level of quality.


Please note that All Pets does not currently provide grooming services for large breeds.

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