I think we can all agree that any hospital stay is a potentially stressful and upsetting thing. With humans, we can more easily ease concerns about being in a hospital. This is not as easy with your pet.

The staff here at, All Pets Animal Hospital, understands this and therefore, we try our hardest to make your pet’s stay in our hospital, as stress-free as possible; for both the pet and for you

Our up to date medical facility here in West Babylon, N.Y., boasts the finest equipment as well as the finest staff. If your family pet needs to be hospitalized, we try our best to make that stay as trauma free as possible to both you, and your pet. We do not consider a hospital stay a small thing, and do not suggest he or she stay at the hospital, unnecessarily. Our staff monitors them for their entire stay, with the doctor always on call.This care does not stop when he or she is released, as we make sure follow-up visits are scheduled for as long as needed.

With a pre-arranged surgery or procedure, we make sure you are fully informed and understand what the surgery will entail. If your loving family member does not need surgery, but has a purely medical reason for needing to be hospitalized, the doctor and staff here at, All Pets Animal Hospital, make it a priority to keep them safe, comfortable and comforted during their stay. Our second priority, is to get them back home

with you, as soon as safely and medically, possible.

Sometimes, in an emergency, there cannot be any planning ahead. With your precious pet being our first priority, we always do our best to have a staff member let you know what is going on, what is needed, and give you a good idea of the recovery road ahead. As pet members ourselves, we know how distressing a time this can be and we will make this time as easy and stress-free as possible.

As always, we try our best to keep the costs of medical care for your pet as reasonable as possible, without risk to their safety or health.As with the regular office visits, we offer various methods for payment.

If medication is needed, we have medications here on site, so you and your pet can get home as soon as possible.

As always, call or come in with any questions.

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