Surgery, no matter how minor, can be unsettling.Just the word can make the bravest of us, a bit nervous or concerned. And, we at, All Pets Animal Hospital of West Babylon, L.I., know that it can be just as disconcerting when it is the 4 legged member of your family; your beloved pet.

With all surgery, there is always a reason for concern, but that is why we have the most capable of staff here at, All Pets.Our trained, experienced staff helps to put the odds for complete surgical success and swift recovery, in your pet’s favor. Our desire is to do whatever is possible to see your precious family pet, healed and home with its family, again.

Elective surgery, is scheduled only when it is truly necessary.We at, All Pets Animal Hospital, do not see surgery as a quicker ends to a specific means. In other words, if the surgery presents an issue for the safety of your pet, or there are alternatives to the surgery, we will exhaust all possibilities first, and then we will advise you and help you to make a wise decision for you and your pet.

Sometimes, unfortunately, surgery cannot be pre-planned. Sometimes in an emergency, surgery is the only option. That s why our surgical facilities and staff, here at, All Pets Animal Hospital, of West Babylon, L.I., are the finest around, and we are prepared to give your family pet, the best odds for a successful outcome.

We have medicines available right on site, if needed, for their post operative recovery.Our follow-ups are thorough and as important to us as they are to you and your pet.

As always, we offer many ways to pay for the surgery, and try very hard to keep the costs as low as possible.

We are here to help your pet, not make it impossible for them to get that help.

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