Let us begin dispelling a common misconception; spaying and neutering is NOT a cruel thing to do. As much as we believe that “our” pets are really a part of our families, they are not humans. There has been no research to show that they are affected emotionally by a spaying or neutering. As a matter of fact, NOT spaying or neutering your pet can actually be the cruel thing to do. We recommend these procedures be done at about 6 months old.

One only has to turn on the television to see a news story, or fundraising commercial, about the mistreatment of stray pets and animals that have liter after liter, and those puppies or cats, become starved and mistreated. We are NOT suggesting that you would do that, however, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause a former family pet, to fall into the hands of someone else. The elderly, who can no longer care for their pets, sometimes must turn those pets into a shelter. A pet that has already been spayed or neutered has a better chance of adoption. In today’s world, job transfers or the move from a house into an apartment or condo, can suddenly place you in the position of no longer being able to keep your pet.

While the procedures themselves are not life-threatening, a clean, sterile, fully equipped medical facility, with experienced, caring medical staff will give the safest, medically perfect, result. We at, All Pets Animal Hospital, follow your pet through to his or her complete healing and recovery.

Please call us with any questions about your pets’ spaying or neutering. Even schedule a visit to speak with us in person, or address this at your next wellness checkup.

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