All Pets Animal Hospital, of West Babylon, Long Island, is an affordable, modern, full-service neighborhood veterinary clinic.At, All Pets Animal Hospital, we can, and do, provide top notch animal medical services. We ourselves are pet owners. Because we are, each of our skilled doctors and caring staff understand that your pet is an important and vital member of the family. It is because we understand this, and are able to be empathetic, whether you come to us for a routine wellness visit, or for emergency care, you will receive the best animal medical service there is to offer. While emergency care most certainly can and should, become a top priority in the facility, we know that even routine shots or a simple splinter, are due a concern that matches yours.

As with human patients, having surgery can be a stressful and worrisome time. All of our staff know this and have been trained to be calm and address your questions and concerns, giving you all the information necessary to prepare yourselves and your pet for its surgery and recovery.

At , All Pets Animal Hospital, we strive, at all times, to have you come in to a welcoming, caring and friendly atmosphere. Our approach to superior animal medical services is to develop enduring client relationships. We think this is best achieved by delivering exceptional client care, while providing gentle, respectful and high-quality animal medical services, to our patients.

We do offer some house calls; please call to discuss that with us. It may be possible to get your pet vaccinated at home, his regular check-ups, and if necessary, at home euthanasia.

As always, we welcome your calls and questions and will never take your concerns lightly.

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